Useful information about the peptides and peptide bioregulators

A woman works on an industrial plant for the production of peptides


Peptides, especially biopeptides, are organic substances that consist of amino acid residues. Peptides are formed in every cell of the human body during protein metabolism ...
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Scientific foundations

Our peptide products are based on numerous scientific findings in fields such as medicine, biology, gerontology and others. We show you some of these discoveries in this report ...
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Study for the detection of prions

Study results for the detection of prions in peptides of animal origin, which are used for the production of food supplements, prove the safety of these substances ...
DNA against the backdrop of microscope and medicinal products

Peptides and their physiological role in nutrition

Many scientific studies have shown that endogenous peptides are directly involved in the formation of a compensatory-adaptive response of the body to stress and disturbances in homeostasis ...
Diagrams with lifespan: physiological, in the case of premature aging, after the use of peptides

Lifespan extension experiments using thymus and pineal peptides

For over 30 years, medical scientists conducted lifespan extension experiments using thymus and pineal peptides in mice, rats, and humans. Why thymus and pineal peptides ...
Pineal gland peptide molecule

Experiments on the rejuvenation of the organism with the pineal gland peptide

Scientists have carried out interesting experiments to investigate the functions of the peptide from the pineal gland ...
Contact of a peptide with a region of DNA

Peptide bioregulation

Peptide bioregulation - a natural, physiological process of self-regulation of a living organism in which peptides play a key role. Peptides regulate the gene activity ...

Useful information on peptides and peptide bioregulators, but also on peptide cosmetics, can help you to better understand the topic of "peptides" or "peptide products" and to make the right decisions. There is a lot of information about this on the Internet. Unfortunately, many of them are considered to be unusable or inadequate. Of course, we cannot cover all areas of this very extensive topic. We only provide you with a few articles that can show you the subject of peptides from a different perspective.

If you are particularly interested in these topics, but cannot find any qualitative articles on our website or other websites, please do not hesitate to ask us questions. If we find that such questions interest many people, we will dedicate a special article to this question.

We only focus on the important issues. We do not want to overwhelm our website visitors with large amounts of information. The articles are well organized thematically. So that everyone can find their way. Visit us at regular intervals and discover new useful information, whether it is peptides, peptide bioregulators or peptide cosmetics.

For example, in our report "Peptides and their Physiological Role in Nutrition", in the results of scientific studies you will find useful information on the benefits of peptides in nutrition. There you can also learn about the functions of some peptides in the human body. This report also contains useful information about the precursors of peptides such as protein hydrolyzates or protein extracts. Find out from this report why it makes sense to use physiologically active short peptides at any age as components of dietary supplements.

In the report "Study for the detection of prions", we report on the results of an investigation of peptides of animal origin, as raw materials for the production of dietary supplements, for the presence of prions. In this report, you will learn more about the test methods used and further details of this study.

In the "Scientific foundations" report you will find a brief overview of brief excerpts with the names of leading scientists and the references to their discoveries. These scientific discoveries, the works and their studies are the real scientific basis for the usefulness of the use of peptides. Find out what such scientists as, for example, I.I. Metschnikow, Marshall Nirenberg and Gobind Khorana, V.Kh. Khavinson and V.G.Morozov, or Prof. Dr. H. Dyckerhoff discovered about the peptides.

The report "Peptides" provides useful information such as what peptides are, how they are structured, and what role they play. Did you know, for example, that every human cell itself forms peptides? Did you know that during aging and when the body is under intense stress, the intensity of protein biosynthesis decreases, which can lead to cell dysfunction?

The peptides and peptide bioregulators have been used successfully in practice for many years. During this time, many different video films on this topic were produced. There are many videos on peptides and peptide bioregulators on YouTube. These videos often provide good general, detailed or just useful information about the peptides and peptide bioregulators. These videos can also help you get a better idea of the peptides and their functions. We have only placed some of these videos on this page. We would like to point out that these videos are not our own.

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