Cardiopept Plus // heart, blood vessel and liver peptides

Cardiopept Plus - peptide bioregulator with heart, blood vessel and liver peptides
Cardiopept Plus - is a natural product that supports the cell supply of heart, blood vessels and liver with tissue-specific peptides. When using the Cardiopept Plus, the peptide pool is enriched in the tissues of the heart, blood vessels and liver.
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Cardiopept Plus supports the supply of the organism with heart, blood vessel and liver peptides, OPC, vitamin C and a amino acid complex

Cardiopept Plus - dietary supplement (peptide bioregulator) with broad spectrum polypeptide fraction complex concentrate (extract) from the heart, blood vessels and liver of young animals.

2 capsules of Cardiopept Plus (recommended daily dose) include:

* %NRV = Nutrient Reference Value according to EU-Regulation.

The cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system (also circulatory system or blood circulation) is the most important transport system of the body. The bloodstream brings blood from the heart to the whole body. The cardiovascular system supplies cells from organs and tissues with oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, the metabolic products of the cells are carried away with the blood.

The health of every body system depends directly on the health of every single cell in that system. In order for the cells to function normally, they must be optimally supplied with all the necessary micronutrients. The optimal functioning of the most important organs of the cardiovascular system such as the heart, blood vessels and liver is therefore directly related to the optimal supply of the cells of these organs with all necessary nutrients. Natural vitamin C, OPC, some amino acids, but also the heart peptides, blood vessel peptides and liver peptides play an important role.

Heart, blood vessel and liver peptides

Heart, blood vessel and liver extracts containing peptides are proteins that serve many different purposes and are an important part of a healthy diet. They make a significant contribution to normal self-regulation in the body.

Peptides are found in every cell in our body. They are also called biopeptides. Heart peptides (myocardial peptides) are contained in the heart cells, blood vessel peptides in the blood vessel cells, the liver peptides in the liver cells and so on. Peptides consist of several amino acids that are linked by a peptide bond. In living cells, peptides are products of cell metabolism. This is a natural, biological and very important process.

Protein biosynthesis takes place in every living cell. This is a process of new protein formation in the cells. This is also a key process of gene expression for all living things. This is necessary so that the cells can develop and function properly. During cellular protein metabolism, the proteins break down into small fractions. These fractions are the peptides (or biopeptides).

Peptides are known to be information and signaling molecules. They contain, send and transmit the information and signals to the precisely defined recipient. Biopeptides are involved in many processes in the body. For example, they play an important role in regulating protein biosynthesis and metabolism in the cells. The physiologically normal availability of regulatory peptides is also very important for the normal processes of self-regulation in the body.

The heart, blood vessels and liver are the most important organs of the cardiovascular system. A physiologically normal availability of cardiac peptides, blood vessel peptides and liver peptides is therefore very important to support the normal functioning of this system. A qualitative and quantitative supply of the organism with all nutrients relevant for the cardiovascular system is a good contribution to maintaining the health of this system. Important nutrients for the cardiovascular system are, for example, natural vitamin C, OPC, cardiac peptides, blood vessel peptides, liver peptides and others.

The protein biosynthesis usually works very well in a young body. Accordingly, the organs and organ systems work well in young people. With increasing age, but also due to the effects of many negative stress factors such as psychological stress, physical stress, pollution, diseases, etc., it is known that the intensity of protein biosynthesis decreases rapidly. If these stress factors are permanent, they can lead to disorders in various body self-regulation processes. For example, in protein biosynthesis, cell metabolism, etc. As a result, the cell cannot function properly. Due to impaired protein biosynthesis in the cells, a lack of intact regulatory peptides can occur, but the optimal availability of regulatory peptides is important for normal cell function.

Biopeptides are nutrients. The use of peptides of animal origin enriches the level of regulatory peptides in the tissue from which they originate. It is a natural, biological process. Heart peptides are accumulated in the heart tissue, blood vessel peptides in the vessel wall, liver peptides in the liver tissue, etc. For optimal support of self-regulation processes and cell functions at a physiologically normal level, an optimal qualitative and quantitative supply of the cells with suitable biopeptides is great importance.

A cell can only take up as many peptides as is intended by nature. The cell cannot hold more than necessary. Enrichment can therefore only take place up to the physiologically normal level. Only until the deficiency is remedied. This means that an overdose with biopeptides is not possible.

Since the biopeptides belong to the nutrients, they develop their effects very gently and slowly. In a very natural way. Products with these substances should therefore be used regularly. We recommend planning a little more time for the first course: 2-3 months, better 4 months. Then a break can be made for 1-3 months. If necessary, the first course can be repeated. After that, 3-4 courses per year with a duration of one month may be sufficient. Of course, individual concepts can also be used depending on the situation or need.

Cardiopept Plus - an example of the development and manufacture of individual preparations in the "Peptide Bioregulators" category

Cardiopept Plus is one of many products (peptide bioregulators) that Previtalica can develop and manufacture. In this composition Cardiopept Plus was formulated for a special concept on behalf of a group of therapists. The recipe of this product can be modified or further developed for each concept according to customer specifications or goals. If you are interested in contract manufacturing of this product or would like to commission the development of a new, similar product based on Cardiopept Plus, please contact our team. Our experienced scientists develop exactly the product you need for you.

Cardiopept Plus ingredients: Camu-Camu fruit powder (50%), hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (coating, vegetarian capsule), L-carnitine L-tartrate (9.2%), microcrystalline cellulose (filler), L-arginine (6.3%), grape seed extract (4.5%), L-lysine hydrochloride (3.8%), heart extract (1.3%), liver extract (1.3%) and blood vessel extract (1.3%) of young animals.

Camu-Camu fruit powder contains vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels.

Cardiopept Plus user instructions: for adults 2 capsules daily before the meal. We recommend using it for a month and repeating the application every 3 months.

Store in the original packaging, dry, protected from light, at room temperature up to 25°C and out of young children’s reach. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Cardiopept Plus is deliberately free from emulsifier, stabilizer, excipient, preservative, release agent, flow agent, coating agent, dye, lactose and other undesirable additives.