Previtalica - developer and manufacturer of peptide bioregulators and cosmetics

Previtalica - the German company that specializes in the contract development and manufacturing of high quality peptide products. We are a developer and manufacturer of peptide bioregulators and peptide cosmetics for optimal cell supply, beauty, prevention of premature aging, support for bioregulation, regeneration and active longevity.

Previtalica - your partner for contract manufacturing of modern peptide bioregulators and cosmetics

Previtalica - your reliable contract developer and manufacturer of high quality peptide bioregulators and peptide cosmetics from Germany. Research results from leading scientists in the fields of gerontology, geriatrics, bioregulation, nutrition, naturopathy, alternative medicine, cosmetology and others form a solid scientific basis for our peptide products. The good practical experience of therapists, nutritionists, beauticians, etc. who work with our peptide products are real proof of their high quality and safety.

As a responsible developer and manufacturer of high-quality peptide bioregulators and peptide cosmetics from Germany, we guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction and products quality. In addition, the collaboration with Previtalica offers customers special advantages. One of the advantages is the relatively small production quantities. Another advantage is the individualized, customer-specific products that we develop and manufacture together with the customer and specifically for the respective customer. When a customer has their own idea for a specific peptide bioregulator complex, or a peptide cosmetic product, Previtalica is the right partner for it. These are great advantages, especially for therapists, clinics, pharmacists, cosmetic institutes and other small businesses.

All raw materials and the products themselves are manufactured with unique high-tech, and partly patented technologies and regularly strictly controlled. The use of highly qualified specialists and scientists in development and production guarantees the high quality "Made in Germany" and the safety of our peptide bioregulators and peptide cosmetics.

Cooperation with international professionals

Previtalica network of therapists, scientists, technologists and business people
As a manufacturer of innovative peptide products, we are in constant direct contact with numerous specialists and companies from all over the world. These include, for example, scientists from the fields of medicine, gerontology, biology and bioregulation, but also practicing specialists from the fields of naturopathy, alternative medicine, nutrition, anti-aging, sports, cosmetics and pharmacology. We also have stakes in some modern pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies. This is a solid basis, which enables us successfully implement the latest knowledge, experience and technologies in the development and manufacture of new peptide bioregulators and peptide cosmetics. Our cooperation network continues to grow nationally and internationally. In this way we are always up to date and can therefore offer our customers the development and manufacture of unique peptide bioregulators and peptide cosmetics of the highest quality.
You need a special product for your individualized therapy concept?
We do it!

Our strength - reliable contract manufacturer of special peptide products for individualized therapy concepts

Previtalica - is your reliable contract developer and manufacturer of special peptide products, peptide bioregulators and peptide cosmetics for your individualized therapy concepts. We love challenges. Our focus is therefore on the conception of peptide bioregulators and peptide bioregulator complexes for special therapy concepts according to customer specifications.

If you are a therapist and need a special peptide bioregulator, then Previtalica is the right partner for you. The integration of peptide bioregulators into the therapy concepts has proven itself and not only allows you to increase the efficiency of your methods, but also sets you apart from the competition. A wide range of bio peptides (highly purified low molecular weight proteins of animal origin), manufactured using patented technologies, are available to us. Together with you we develop the right peptide product for you. A product that exactly meets your expectations and needs. It may, for example, be a peptide bioregulator for a particular organ or tissue. It may also be a peptide bioregulator complex that naturally supports the bioregulation of a system.

Another special feature of working with us as contract developers and manufacturers is that we accept orders for the production of relatively small quantities. In the pharmaceutical industry it is usually hardly possible to find such a partner. In addition, our products convince with very high quality and reasonable prices. Our products, especially the Previtalica peptide bioregulators, are guaranteed to offer the best value for money worldwide. See for yourself. Contact us if you need a special peptide product.

High-tech manufacturing

Thanks to the latest technologies, our products can be produced with particularly pure natural, biologically active peptides. Thanks to computer-controlled high-tech production facilities, we can manufacture our peptide products without the use of harmful, controversial or other undesirable synthetic substances. This particularly high quality of Previtalica peptide products is appreciated by our customers worldwide.

You can trust the peptide products of Previtalica

Peptide products 'Made in Germany'

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