Serum with Reproage peptide and caviar extract - Luxury Formula

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Anti-aging luxury serum with caviar extract and reproage™ peptide 50 ml

The extravagant luxury serum with peptides and caviar extract of the 'Luxury Formula' series for the intensive care of mature skin surprises with a flowing, supple texture that penetrates immediately into the skin and gently invigorates the skin. This effective multi-functional anti-aging concentrate is an ultra-concentrated 4-in-1 luxury care that offers you the following solutions: cell construction, protection of the skin barrier, pore refinement, wrinkle reduction, rehydration. It is suitable for all skin types and supports your skin versatile in the fight against aging. It is a useful addition to the creams of our 'Luxury Formula' series. This Previtalica anti-aging serum stimulates the natural renewal process of mature skin, improves texture and gives it a fresh, younger look.

At the heart of the recipe is a revolutionary active ingredient reproage™ peptide that visibly enhances the radiance of the skin and reduces the skin's roughness. Peptide that supports recovering of the epidermal basal layer stemness potential thus helping to maintain its self-renewal ability longer and contributing to an improved appearance of mature skin. This is a good support for the cells' ability to self-renew, as this ability diminishes with age.

Among other things, the innovative active substance plankton extract with multifunctional effect has been incorporated into this moisturizing serum. Marine plankton contains a wealth of very nutritious elements. It not only provides the necessary vitamins and minerals for the skin function, but also contains amino acids, micronutrients and essential fatty acids.

This serum contains caviar extract, which is considered a true luxury ingredient in cosmetics. Due to its valuable ingredients, it is an indispensable ingredient in anti-aging luxury cosmetics for demanding and mature skin. Caviar extract contains proteins, essential amino acids (essential protein building blocks), vitamins A, E, D, vitamin B complex, lipids and trace elements. A complex of valuable substances that nourish and regenerate the skin, support communication between the cells and thus positively influence the repair mechanisms of the skin. It can also help reduce impurities.

Other active ingredients such as oyster extract, sea silt extract and an algae extract, which are contained in this luxury serum, unfold with regular use their special invigorating effect.

This serum from the 'Luxury Formula' series nourishes your skin intensively and gives it new elasticity and elasticity.. Lines and wrinkles are softened and moisture is improved. The complexion looks much smoother and smoother.


Use this anti-aging serum with peptides and caviar extract in the morning after thorough cleansing and toning of the skin by gently applying the serum to face, neck and décolleté and spreading it evenly with gentle smoothing movements.


Aqua (water); propanediol; butylene glycol; alcohol; pentylene glycol; panthenol; glycerol; acetyl hexapeptide–8; propylene glycol; xanthan gum; caviar extract; sodium lactate; caprylyl glycol; phenethyl alcohol; tetrasodium glutamate diacetate; polyglyceryl-10 laurate; disodium phosphate; lactic acid; disodium cocoyl glutamate; citric acid; sodium cocoyl glutamate; sodium hydroxide; parfum; sodium phosphates.

Ingredients according to the INCI system

reproage™ peptide

reproage™ peptide is an innovative active substance that can help stimulate stem cell-related genes in epidermal cells. Peptide that supports recovering of the epidermal basal layer stemness potential thus helping to maintain its self-renewal ability longer and contributing to an improved appearance of mature skin. Modulates the levels of the epigenetic regulator miRNA-145 involved in the regulation of epidermal differentiation. This is a good support for the cells' ability to self-renew, as this ability diminishes with age. reproage™ peptide helps maintain a smoother, brighter, and visually rejuvenated complexion, making it ideal for sophisticated anti-aging formulations designed to cope with age-related skin regeneration.

An efficacy study was conducted with this drug complex. Subjects aged 50 to 55 years used a 2% peptide solution of reproage™ peptide for 56 days. The result of this study was that the subjects felt that their skin was regenerating as fast as with 17 years younger people. The skin has looked smoother, radiant and generally rejuvenated. The subjects' skin seemed as revitalized as if they were 17 years younger. Even those in the 34-40 age group felt that their skin was 13 years younger. The roughness of the skin also decreased by more than 40% (measurable). The result is a radiant and younger-looking complexion, especially the more mature skin.


Reprogramming cells for a younger looking skin
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Caviar extract

Caviar has always been a luxury product. The highly effectiveness of caviar for skincare has been known in high society circles for many years. At that time, the caviar was used literally on the skin. Today caviar extract is used in cosmetics. To provide the fascination of caviar for a new generation of luxury cosmetics, a concentrated extract has been developed. This ingredient is free from fishy odor and is better optimized for use in cosmetics. Its moisturizing effect was also proven in a study. Intense moisturizing care should not only balance moisture deficiencies of the skin, but also support its ability to retain moisture over the long term.

The caviar extract is very rich in nutrients. The amino acids contained are endogenous substances and play a decisive role in collagen production and cell regeneration. The mineral complexes and trace elements have a nourishing and regenerative effect on the skin. They are essential for strengthening the connective tissue and regulating the water balance. The contained phospholipids and sterols support the skin's structure and have a firming and uplifting effect. Proteins, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, lipids, vitamins A, E, D & B vitamins complex vitalize the skin, support cell renewal, help the skin to repair itself and look better. In addition, vitamins A and E act as antioxidants and thus have a protective effect.

When the caviar extract is used in skincare in combination with other ingredients, the immune protection barrier of the skin is substantially improved and (depending on the concentration) also very effective in the fight against wrinkles. Another effect of caviar extract is that it promotes the growth of probiotic bacteria and thus additionally strengthens the skin immune protection. The action of this energetic complex benefits the rebuilding of the skin. The energy boost activates the natural cell and repair functions and gives the complexion a new dynamic.

The luxury ingredient Caviar Extract improves the effect of skin care products sustainably and supports your skin in the fight against aging fivefold:

Oyster extract

Oyster Extract is a marine active that revitalises, regenerates and balances, moisturises, tones and normalizes the balance of skin lipids, and strengthens the protective function of the skin.

Plankton extract

Plankton extracts come from many different sources, including many algae. Plankton are tiny sea creatures that drift through the water and enjoy smaller plant particles that they can find. They are full of nutrients and an integral part of the diet of many animals, including the enormous baleen whale. Many species of fish rely on a constant supply of plankton to feed and protect their newly laid eggs. The plankton used to make planktonic extracts is generally of the algae variety because it contains vital proteins and enzymes that can improve the appearance of aging skin.

Marine plankton contains a wealth of very nutritious elements. It is one of the full ingredients that you can use in skin care products. It not only provides the necessary vitamins and minerals for the skin function, but also contains amino acids, micronutrients and essential fatty acids. This is extremely nutritious ingredient that feeds your skin with these nutrients:

Plankton extracts are rich in essential fatty acids, the building blocks of healthy cells. They also provide the skin with the deepest, lasting hydration by being a source of moisture and training the skin to hold on to its moisture rather than banishing it to the surface. These fatty acids can help improve the appearance of broken or damaged skin by providing the components that the skin needs to restore. While many of these components can be obtained from food consumed by us, they are used more efficiently when applied topically to the damaged area.

Because some forms of plankton survive photosynthesis, they contain vital enzymes that can lighten the complexion. Together with vitamin B and riboflavin, which act as antioxidants, these enzymes help to remove the appearance of blemishes, including dark spots, and give the skin a radiant appearance.

The antioxidant and chlorophyll content in the plankton also helps to protect the skin from further sun damage, not only to remove free radicals caused by sun exposure, but also to block UV light.

With a high zinc content, plankton has important antibacterial properties that, together with its natural moisturizing properties, can reduce the number of blemishes and pimples. Zinc is also necessary for the regeneration of skin cells and can promote a firmer skin.

In addition, this extract, like most natural plant extracts, can soothe inflamed and irritated skin. Since plankton also moisturises the skin, plankton is ideal for all skin conditions that cause dryness and redness, including rosacea and eczema.

Sea Silt Extract

The sea silt extract provides the skin with intensive and long-lasting moisture and helps to build up a moisture depot, provides it with important minerals and trace elements, activates the skin functions and protects the skin from dehydration. The ingredients of sea silt extract such as salts, minerals and amino acids are well absorbed by the skin because they are very small and the body recognizes them so to speak. These substances form the basic building blocks for the skin's own functions and support the natural processes in the skin.

Seaweed extract

Algae extract has a moisturizing effect and is used in cosmetics as a protective shield against evaporation and dehydration. Algae extract binds the water molecules that are located in the uppermost cell layer of our skin. This allows other ingredients of the care products to exert their effect even better. When enough moisture is stored in the top layer of skin, the skin simply feels smoother and softer. In cosmetics mainly sea algae are used. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and proteins. They have a revitalizing and remineralizing effect, but can also stimulate blood circulation. Another positive side effect: algae extract boosts cell renewal.

For optimal anti-aging skin care, we recommend using this Serum with Reproage peptide and caviar extract in conjunction with other cosmetic products from the 'Luxury Formula' series: