Lifting serum with peptides for the eye area - Luxury Formula

Acid frosted glass bottle including silver-plated pipette of Lifting serum with peptides for the eye area Luxury Formula

Lifting luxury serum with peptides for the eye area 30 ml

This lifting luxury serum with peptides of the 'Luxury Formula' series was specially designed for the eye area. It gently cares for the sensitive skin around the eyes. With regular use of this luxury serum the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the sensitive eye area should be alleviated. It can reduce the dark circles. Gives a smooth and radiant appearance of the eye contours. Removes dead skin cells and makes the eye area look younger again. The core of the effectiveness of this eye-lifting serum are two revolutionary, award-winning ingredients: Beautifeye™ and Eyeseryl® Peptide.


Apply the Lifting Serum in the morning and in the evening after thorough cleansing and toning of the skin to the eye area. Massage it lightly into the skin. Let it move in shortly. Then use day or night care.

Warning! Avoid eye contact. In case of eye contact rinse with water.


Aqua (water); butylene glycol; propanediol; glycerin; pentylene glycol; panthenol; albizia julibrissin bark extract; acetyl tetrapeptide-5; xanthan gum; euphrasia officinalis extract; allantoin; lactic acid; sodium lactate; tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, darutoside, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

Ingredients according to the INCI system


Beautifeye™ is a combination of two plant extracts and is the ideal anti-aging ingredient for the perfect eye care product. An active ingredient that for the first time in the cosmetics industry has shown a lifting effect on the sagging, drooping eyelid. Beautifeye™ can help reduce wrinkles around the eyes, reduce swelling under the eyes, and make the darker rings appear paler. As a non-invasive gentle alternative to plastic surgery (blepharoplasty), this active substance treats the global contour of the eye by lifting and fading. This is done by strengthening and improving the skin structure and increasing its contractile properties. By consolidating the fragile microvascular network and stimulating detoxification, Beautifeye™ reduces capillary leakage and the accumulation of glycotoxic pigments responsible for uneven staining and fatigue. Clinical trials of the active substance have shown initial success after 7 days and groundbreaking results at 60 days. Beautifeye™ won the 2013 C & T R & D Awards Asia Best New Ingredient Award.

Eyeseryl® Peptide

Eyeseryl® Peptide is an innovative active ingredient designed specifically for eye care formulations to counteract eye bags and swollen eyes. He promises relief of the swollen eye area and reduction of dark eyes rings. In addition, it has a moisturizing effect and can help in the regeneration of the elastin and collagen matrix or in the restructuring of the connective tissue. With age, the skin around the eyes loses its elasticity and the muscles slacken, causing the eye area to flaccid and wrinkles appear in the eyelids. From the fat that protects the eye sockets, over time, bags of bags develop. Swollen eyes are also the result of a build-up of water in the tissue.

In order to define a minimum concentration at which an effect can be measured, a study was carried out with a very low concentration of only 1% Eyeseryl®. The result of this study was that both the volume of the eye bags and the dark circles were moderate, but could be significantly reduced. To achieve significant activity, up to 10% of the peptide solution can be incorporated into cosmetic formulations. Its amazing effects combat edema due to poor lymphatic circulation or high capillary permeability. This allows Eyeseryl® peptide to inhibit collagen glycation, prevent loss of elasticity and the formation of eye bags.

Due to its composition, Eyeseryl® peptide is suitable for normal, mixed and oily skin. It can be incorporated into cosmetic formulations where a reduction in eye swelling is desired.

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