Peptide bioregulators directly from the manufacturer

Peptide bioregulators - a new, modern class of geroprotective preparations based on the solid foundation of many years of research by leading scientists in the fields of biology, gerontology and bioregulation. Biologically active micronutrients to support normal self-bioregulation and active longevity.
Peptide bioregulators of manufacturer Previtalica against the backdrop of happy people

Basic peptide bioregulators

Peptide bioregulators have been around for over 40 years. These preparations come in various forms. For example, there are liquid preparations for injecting. These are usually medication. There are also preparations in tablet, powder or capsule form. The ingredients of these preparations supply the cells with biologically active micronutrients - biopeptides, that enter the blood via the digestive system and are specifically transported to the cells. These preparations or products are to be regarded as food supplements or functional foods. Compared to the injectable forms, working with peptide bioregulators in capsule form is much easier and safer. They work very slowly and gently in a natural, physiological way. When using these preparations, the content of regulatory biopeptides is enriched precisely in the cells from which they originate. With regular use, this level can be normalized to a physiologically normal (natural) level. Below is a list of possible preparations (peptide bioregulators) whose recipe contains only one type of biopeptide complex. We call them basic preparations (basic peptide bioregulators). The basic peptide bioregulators directly from the manufacturer Previtalica offer customers the following advantages:

  • Can be used singly;
  • Depending on the situation / goal, can be put together / combined into any set (complex);
  • The recipe can be changed according to customer requirements, e.g. supplemented with other nutrients, etc .;
  • The peptide bioregulators directly from the manufacturer can give the customer a price advantage;
  • Orders for the production of relatively small quantities are possible with Previtalica.

Customers who develop and manufacture basic peptide bioregulators directly from the manufacturer Previtalica continue to benefit from the higher quality and safety of our products. In addition, we guarantee our partners the best customer satisfaction.

bpc 01 - contains pancreas peptide complex
bpc 02 - contains thyroid peptide complex
bpc 03 - contains blood vessels peptide complex
bpc 04 - contains cartilage peptide complex
bpc 05 - contains cerebral cortex peptide complex
bpc 06 - contains thymic peptide complex
bpc 07 - contains liver peptide complex
bpc 08 - contains pineal peptide complex
bpc 09 - contains kidneys peptide complex
bpc 10 - contains gastric mucosa peptide complex
bpc 11 - contains eye tissue peptide complex
bpc 12 - contains bladder peptide complex
bpc 13 - contains testicles peptide complex
bpc 14 - contains myocardium peptide complex
bpc 15 - contains ovaries peptide complex
bpc 16 - contains prostate peptide complex
bpc 17 - contains adrenal glands peptide complex
bpc 18 - contains triceps muscle peptide complex
bpc 19 - contains bronchial peptide complex
bpc 20 - contains bone marrow peptide complex
bpc 21 - contains parathyroid glands peptide complex
bpc 22 - contains hypothalamus peptide complex
bpc 23 - contains hypophysis peptide complex
bpc 24 - contains collagen peptide complex
bpc 25 - contains bone tissue peptide complex
bpc 26 - contains placenta peptide complex
bpc ... - other preparations with biopeptide complexes on request or on order

Peptide bioregulator complexes

Peptide bioregulators can be used in certain situations in a complex that comprises several different basic preparations together. From a scientific point of view, such a use of peptide bioregulators is much more sensible than the use of single basic preparations. The reason for this recommendation is that many organs and tissues in the organism always work together. These form a certain system in the organism, so to speak. It is therefore always more sensible to support everyone involved in a system at the same time than just one of them. The use of a complex of basic preparations (peptide bioregulators complex) has proven itself in practice. In the following, we would like to present some examples of such possible complexes. Of course, the individual wishes or ideas of the customer can be taken into account when producing such complex preparations. Other individual combinations can also be made.

1 Digestive system bpc 01bpc 07bpc 10
bpc 01bpc 06bpc 07bpc 10
2 Cardiovascular system bpc 03bpc 07bpc 14
bpc 03bpc 06 bpc 07bpc 14
3 Central nervesystem bpc 03bpc 05
bpc 03bpc 05pc 07
bpc 03bpc 05bpc 06bpc 07bpc 08
4 Immune system bpc 06bpc 20
bpc 03bpc 06bpc 20
bpc 03bpc 06bpc 07bpc 20
bpc 03bpc 06bpc 07bpc 08bpc 20
5 musculoskeletal system bpc 04bpc 24bpc 25
bpc 04bpc 18bpc 24bpc 25
bpc 04bpc 18bpc 21bpc 24bpc 25
bpc 03bpc 04bpc 06bpc 18bpc 21bpc 24bpc 25
6 Carbohydrate metabolism bpc 01bpc 03
7 Lipoprotein metabolism bpc 01bpc 03bpc 07
8 Thyroid bpc 02bpc 17
bpc 02bpc 10bpc 17
bpc 02bpc 06bpc 17
bpc 02bpc 06bpc 10bpc 17
9 Radio and chemotherapy, ionizing radiation bpc 03bpc 05bpc 06bpc 07bpc 08bpc 17bpc 20
10 Eyes bpc 03bpc 05bpc 11
bpc 03bpc 05bpc 08bpc 11
11 urinary system bpc 06bpc 09bpc 12
12 Male reproductive system bpc 03bpc 13bpc 16
bpc 03bpc 13bpc 16bpc 17
bpc 03bpc 06bpc 13bpc 16bpc 17
bpc 03bpc 06bpc 08bpc 13bpc 16bpc 17
bpc 03bpc 06bpc 08bpc 13bpc 16bpc 17bpc 22bpc 23
13 Occupational or mental emotional stress bpc 06bpc 08bpc 17
14 Female reproductive system bpc 08bpc 15
bpc 02bpc 08bpc 15
bpc 02bpc 03bpc 06bpc 08bpc 15
bpc 02bpc 03bpc 06bpc 08bpc 15bpc 22bpc 23
15 Respiratory system bpc 03bpc 06bpc 19
16 Physische Aktivität bpc 03bpc 04bpc 05bpc 06bpc 18
17 Neuroendocrine system bpc 02bpc 05bpc 08bpc 17bpc 21bpc 22bpc 23
18 Anti-aging in general bpc 08bpc 22bpc 23

Special customer-specific peptide bioregulator complexes

Peptide bioregulator complexes that contained several different basic preparations in one product are particularly in demand among experts. Most therapists specialize in a specific area. To expand the therapy concepts, they often only need certain Previtalica basic preparations. For cost reasons, it is cheaper for such therapists to order the production of only one complex preparation instead of several basic preparations. If desired, or depending on the therapy concept, other useful nutrients can be added to the product in addition to the biopeptides. The development and production of customer-specific peptide bioregulator complexes is our know-how. Below you will find some examples of customer-specific complex preparations that have been developed and manufactured especially for our customers, but also in close cooperation with the customers. Customized complex peptide bioregulators directly from the manufacturer Previtalica help customers optimize their therapy concepts and save money.

Vitapept peptide bioregulator from the manufacturer Previtalica


Peptide bioregulator for the thyroid, adrenals and energy balance of the body. Contains nutrient complex: thyroid peptide complex, adrenal peptide complex, gastric mucosal peptide complex, Moringa oleifera.

Cardiopept Plus peptide bioregulator from the manufacturer Previtalica

Cardiopept Plus

Peptide bioregulator for the cardiovascular system. Contains nutrient complex: heart muscle peptide complex, blood vessels peptide complex, liver peptide complex, natural vitamin C, OPC, amino acids: L-carnitine-L-tartrate, L-arginine, L-lysine hydrochloride.

Cardiopept Plus

Peptide bioregulators of Previtalica

The body cells constantly form / synthesize new proteins. This process is called protein biosynthesis. This is a central process of gene expression for all living things. Proteins are built from amino acids according to the specification of the genetic information. This process is necessary for the cells to develop and function properly. During protein metabolism, the proteins break down into small fractions = peptides. These peptides (information molecules) have an important function - they activate / stimulate protein biosynthesis and thus gene expression in the cells. They are, so to speak, the "key" for protein biosynthesis.

In a young body, protein biosynthesis works very well. Accordingly, the organs and organ systems also work well. With increasing age, but also due to many stress factors such as mental stress, physical stress, pollution, illness, insufficient nutrition, etc., the intensity of protein biosynthesis decreases rapidly. Against the background of the resulting peptide deficiency in the cells develop disorders of protein biosynthesis, which lead to a malfunction of the cells. If this condition is permanent, it can even lead to a complete loss of cell function. The physiologically normal qualitative and quantitative availability of peptides in the cells is therefore crucial for normal protein biosynthesis and thus for optimal cell function.

Biopeptides (small proteins) are components of all protein-containing foods. Peptides of animal origin are particularly readily bioavailable to the human organism. Scientists argue that short biopeptides are the same in all mammals and humans. Therefore, animal peptides are accepted by the human organism as endogenous substances. They have a very good bioavailability and are very well accepted by human cells. Scientific experiments have also shown that the biopeptides can only be taken up by the cells from which they originate. For example, a liver peptide can only be taken up by the liver cell. Biopeptides have a tissue-specific function, so to speak.

The positive nutritional-specific bioregulatory effect of biopeptides on the body has always been used by humans. Both thousands of years ago and in the modern world. For example, a strong broth (broth) from various animal organs and tissues is often used to strengthen weakened people. Such broth contains a valuable complex of water-soluble micronutrients, including amino acids and biopeptides. These substances have a very good bioavailability and are absorbed very well by the body cells. They are able to reach the cells of the body very quickly and do their jobs there.

Biopeptides are involved in the body's bioregulatory processes and support them at a physiologically normal level. Products containing these substances are therefore often referred to as peptide bioregulators.

The advantages of using peptide bioregulators are obvious. On the one hand there is almost always an increased need for biopeptides in the body due to the stressful modern lifestyle or the increased physical stress (hard physical work, competitive sports, etc.). On the other hand, it is hardly possible due to modern eating habits to supply the body with the valuable biologically active biopeptides. In such situations, the use of Previtalica peptide bioregulators is considered an intelligent and recommendable alternative.

When using biopeptide-containing products (peptide bioregulators), special attention must be paid to the high quality. The technologies used are crucial for the biopeptides to maintain their high bioavailability, reach the cells, and optimally support their functions. Biopeptides and peptide products (also peptide cosmetics) of Previtalica are manufactured exclusively with high-tech technologies. We guarantee not only the highest quality of the products, but also the high bioavailability of the biopeptides used. Peptide bioregulators directly from the manufacturer Previtalica are not only absolutely safe, but can also be administered in very small doses due to their optimal bioavailability.