Peptide cosmetics Luxury Formula directly from the manufacturer

Peptides in cosmetics Luxury Formula - the ultimate anti-aging magic weapon against skin aging and wrinkles. Thanks to extensive scientific research, we have innovative beauty peptides that actually have a convincing effect on the skin. These active ingredient molecules smooth and tighten the skin, fill the wrinkles and impressively optimize the entire complexion.
Peptide cosmetics Luxury Formula against the backdrop of a beautiful woman
Black Airless Dispensers with Luxury Formula Peptide Caviar Anti-Aging Day Cream

Day cream with peptides and caviar extract - Luxury Formula

Day cream with peptides and caviar extract. This high-quality luxury day cream was specially designed for dry skin in need of regeneration. With the daily use of this cream, your skin benefits sustainably from the outstanding properties of the integrated ingredients.

Day cream
Black Airless Dispensers with Luxury Formula Peptide Cviar Anti-Aging Night Cream

Night cream with peptides and caviar extract - Luxury Formula

Rich night cream with peptides and caviar extract. This high-quality luxury night cream ensures maximum rebuilding of the skin during the night. While you sleep this cream supplies your skin with valuable amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Night cream
Black Airless Dispensers with Luxury Formula Peptide Cviar Anti-Aging Serum

Serum with Reproage peptide and caviar extract - Luxury Formula

Anti-aging concentrate with caviar extract and reproage™ peptide. This effective multifunctional anti-aging concentrate is an ultra-concentrated 4-in-1 luxury treatment that offers you the following solutions: cell build-up, protection of the skin barrier, pore and wrinkle refining, rehydration.

Acid frosted glass bottle with silver-plated pipette mit Luxury Formula Peptide Eye Lifting Serum

Lifting serum with peptides for the eye area - Luxury Formula

Anti-aging cure concentrate with peptides for the eye area. This eye-lifting serum was specially designed for the eye area. The core of the mode of action of this serum are 2 revolutionary, award-winning ingredients: Beautifeye™ and Eyeseryl® Peptide.

Lifting serum
Black Airless Dispensers with Luxury Formula Peptide Firming Power Gel

Firming Power Gel with Peptides - Luxury Formula

Firming power peptide gel with 10% Argireline® (acetyl hexapeptide-8). This gel contains a very high concentration of Argireline® and actively helps - in shortest time - to reduce wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes and tightens the skin.

Power Gel
Semi transparent bottle with Luxury Formula Tonic Refreshing Anti-Aging Effect

AHA fruit acid tonic with anti-aging effect - Luxury Formula

AHA fruit acid tonic with anti-aging effect. Thanks to mild alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), the tonic helps to stabilize the natural acid mantle of the skin and promotes natural exfoliation. The white tea also fights the wrinkles.


Luxury Formula - Peptide cosmetics for luxurious treatments

We want you to know that at Previtalica we attach great importance to the health of your skin, your general well-being and your youthful appearance. That's why we use only the best and most advanced high-tech ingredients to formulate clinically proven, luxurious skin care products for you. We offer high-quality "peptide cosmetics Made in Germany" directly from the manufacturer at reasonable prices to make them accessible to everyone. Peptide cosmetics from Previtalica aims to delineate itself from the superficial advertising messages and countless mass products in the cosmetics industry with premium care products that stand out not only for their packaging design but above all for the content. Good examples of this are products from our Luxury Formula series.

Peptides, biotechnological molecules and plant extracts, which have been developed by scientists specifically for cosmetics, are the almost inexhaustible source of modern active ingredients that stimulate, inhibit or imitate certain goals to cover a wide range of functions in peptide cosmetics from Previtalica. Powerful peptides, luxury-effective caviar extract, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and carefully selected plant substances restore the healthy skin structure and moisture, detoxify and visibly rejuvenate. The active ingredients in our care products are developed from predefined mechanisms of action with the same quality and scientific standards as in the pharmaceutical industry. These are efficient at low dosage, are precisely definable from a chemical and physico-chemical point of view and have excellent toxicological profile.

In order to achieve the best results in the long term, we are constantly analyzing the latest results of international research and development in the field of cosmetology. We are always looking for the most innovative and best active ingredients for our high quality care products. Quality, excellence and innovation are our essential drivers to contribute to the success of our customers.

"Peptide Cosmetics Made in Germany" by Previtalica pampers your skin in need of care with luxurious treatments, that you will love. The result? Healthy skin that looks more plump, smooth and radiant day by day teen. Happy skin that makes you look and feel absolutely amazing inside and out.