Safety of Peptide Bioregulators Previtalica

The safety of Previtalic peptide products is of paramount importance to us and our customers. Thousands of customers around the world already trust our products. All products are scientifically developed and meet all European and German safety standards.
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Legal safety regulations

The safety of Previtalica peptide products is guaranteed by various measures. First, the extensive legal requirements ensure security. Accordingly, only safe products may be brought onto the market in Germany and the European Union. There are even far-reaching special regulations for micronutrient preparations (dietary supplements) also with regard to their composition and labeling. At the European level, the most important requirements for dietary supplements are laid down in Directive 2002/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. These regulations were implemented into German law with the Food Supplements Ordinance (NemV).

In Germany, all food supplements must be registered with the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) before they can be launched on the market for the first time.

Information on the registered products is automatically sent to the regional monitoring authorities. This means that the regional inspectors know which company offers which products in their area of ​​responsibility. These inspectors then check unannounced whether these companies and their products meet all legal requirements. No safety deficiencies or violations were found at Previtalica during all checks.

Independent assessment

Before we register our peptide products with the relevant government authorities, they are thoroughly tested by independent, state-recognized experts. To assess the safety of our products, all documents for each substance that we use in our products are presented to the experts. This documentation can be used to check whether these raw materials are safe and do not violate legal requirements. In addition to each individual raw material, the product itself is also checked very carefully. For example, the formulation of the product is checked for the concentration / dose of the substances. The accuracy of the mandatory information on the packaging is also checked for completeness and accuracy. This is how the experts examine every detail of each of our products. We do these verifications voluntarily. We do everything we can to ensure the safety of our peptide bioregulators.


The Previtalica Peptide Bioregulators contain peptide complexes of animal origin of high purity, safety and quality. For the extraction of raw materials only healthy young animals, calves and pigs, which are not older than 11 months, are used. Our raw materials come exclusively from animals which have been tested by the official veterinarian and released for human consumption.

In order to ensure even more safety, only those animals are used that have been bred in farms with animal-friendly husbandry (happy animals). It has never been found that animals from these farms have diseases that can be dangerous to humans.

Pathogens are microorganisms. These have a high molecular mass in the range of 100 kDa. Peptides that we use in our peptide bioregulators have undergone a particularly high level of purification. All large particles with a molecular mass over 5 kDa are removed. All low molecular weight peptides remain. We only use complexes with a molecular mass of up to 5 kDa, which speaks for a high safety standard.

Our Peptide Bioregulators are prion free. This is also confirmed by the results of the study carried out. Infectious prions - are a pathological form of normal cellular proteins found in mammalian cells. The molecular masses of all previously known prion proteins are between 20 and 31 kDa. With the aim to identify prion proteins in samples of raw materials for the production of Peptide Bioregulators, scientists conducted a series of investigations. The investigations were carried out in the Laboratory of Pathology of Viral Infections. The diagnostic methods recommended by the WHO and approved by the veterinary authorities were used, such as histochemical staining, electron microscopy and Western blot method (immunoblot) using monoclonal antibodies against prion proteins. None of these methods were able to detect the presence of prions. This means that peptides with a molecular mass of up to 5 kDa are free of prions.

Peptide bioregulators or peptide preparations, have been around for over 40 years. During this time, they were thoroughly tested. Well over 15 million people have used the peptide preparations during this time. None of these people experienced any side effects or other undesirable effects with respect to the peptides.


The safety of all Previtalica peptide products, especially the class of 'Peptide Bioregulators' (Basics and Complexes), is an essential quality feature of our company and is guaranteed by us at the highest level. Previtalica peptide products have been shown to meet all legal requirements regarding product safety. None of the inspections carried out by government inspectors at our company revealed any security deficiencies or violations. Peptide Bioregulators of Previtalica are guaranteed safe.