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We are an innovative developer and manufacturer of natural peptide bioregulators.

... with the highest standards of quality, safety and bioavailability.

The health of the organism depends directly on the health of each individual cell. For the cells to function normally, optimal supply of the cells with all necessary micronutrients is required. The qualitative and quantitative availability of bioregulatory peptides is crucial for optimal cell function.

Our competence

We are number one in the development and manufacture of modern, natural, biologically active products in the class
Peptide Bioregulators

The integration of Previtalica preparations into modern therapy concepts in a natural way contributes to increasing their effectiveness, enables them to be individualized and clearly sets such concepts apart from the crowd.

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Peptide Bioregulators

Basics Peptide Bioregulators in folding boxes manufactured by Previtalica


Previtalica - is a leading developer and manufacturer of natural Peptide Bioregulators with high quality standards "Made in Germany". Our preparations play an important role in optimizing the cell supply with natural biopeptides to support the body's own bioregulation and regeneration, for beauty care and prevention of premature aging. Our basic preparations, so-called "Basics", are a stable basis for our entire product series. This group includes products that contain natural peptides only from a specific organ or tissue. For example, the preparation PCC-03 contains a complex of natural peptides from blood vessels, the preparation PCC-04 – from cartilage and so on. A product – a specific organ or tissue.

Basics Bioregulators
Complexes Peptide Bioregulators in folding boxes manufactured by Previtalica


In certain situations it is more advantageous to use different peptides at the same time, i.e. in a complex. We develop and produce high-quality complex preparations specifically for these purposes. These preparations contain coordinated natural peptides from different organs or tissues. In other words – several basic preparations in one. In order to meet the specific needs of our customers, in addition to ready-made recipes, we also offer individual solutions tailored to the needs of the customers. We take into account individual parameters such as age, gender, health status and specific goals to offer the right personalized solutions.

Complexes Bioregulators

Reasons for Previtalica products

Previtalica production technology


The highest quality is our norm. Products from Previtalica are produced with compliance with high international quality standards such as GMP, GHP, ISO 22000 ...
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Peptide preparations have been around for over 40 years. During this time well over 15 million people used such preparations. There were no side effects ...
Previtalica laboratory


Previtalica products are strictly regularly controlled by qualified personnel and government agencies in accordance with European directives ...

Previtalica - developer and manufacturer of natural Peptide Bioregulators 'Made in Germany'

At Previtalica, we are proud to offer high quality natural peptide bioregulators that are among the best in their class. We understand that quality is of utmost importance to our customers and do everything we can to ensure our products meet their highest standards. As a developer and manufacturer of special peptide products in the pharmaceutical sector, we are always available to our customers to support their ideas and requirements. Previtalica is a reliable and high-performance partner, especially for customers in the areas of health, sports and anti-aging. Our product range 'Peptide Bioregulators' is valued by alternative practitioners, clinics, wellness facilities and pharmacies. We are always striving to expand our specialist knowledge and use it specifically for the further development and optimization of product recipes as well as for innovative product concepts. We benefit from a broad international network of experienced specialists who support us.


The basis of our development work is the understanding of the body's own bioregulation and the interactions between the individual biopeptides. Through extensive experience and sound scientific knowledge, we are able to create unique products. Our focus is on the use of synergies and potentiation effects of biopeptides. This creates highly effective formulations that specifically address the body's needs, optimize well-being and counteract premature aging.


The use of modern technologies and the availability of different performance classes enable us to flexibly adapt production to different needs. We are proud to have the ability to offer relatively small production quantities. This is particularly beneficial for customers who have smaller batches or individual requirements. By using modern production facilities and qualified specialists, we can guarantee high product quality and reliability. The fact that our products are made in Germany speaks for their quality. 'Made in Germany' stands for high standards and reliability worldwide. Customers can rely on Previtalica products to meet the highest quality standards.

Tailor-made products

What sets us apart from others is our unshakable competence and reliability in implementing individual therapy concepts. Previtalica is the ideal partner for tailor-made products in areas such as bioregulation, nutrient therapy, naturopathy and anti-aging. Our dedicated team of experts work with customers to understand their specific needs and develop tailored solutions to meet your requirements. We use innovative technologies and offer excellent individual products to specifically promote biological balance and support optimal body function.

Customer satisfaction

An outstanding customer orientation in the development and manufacture of products is one of our priorities. In our company we attach great importance to close cooperation with our customers. With every order, our team looks forward to the exciting task. We do everything we can to increase customer satisfaction, achieve customer success and ensure our mutual success. We accompany our customers throughout the entire process, from ordering to delivery. Through empathetic listening and effective communication, we understand our customers' needs and are always there for you. The success of our customers is our goal because we are only successful if our customers are successful with our products.