Control of Previtalica products

Strict controls, starting with the extraction of raw materials, through production processes to the finished product, are a matter of course for us. At Previtalica, all processes are strictly controlled in accordance with applicable German and European safety standards.
Previtalica laboratory technicians check substances with a modern microscope

Control is a very important factor, especially when it comes to high-quality health products for people with particularly high quality standards. We are aware of our responsibility towards our customers. In order to ensure the highest quality and safety of our products, everything is properly controlled.

State controls

In Germany, all dietary supplements are controlled by the responsible state authorities when they enter the market. The legal reporting obligation ensures that these products are actually checked. This means that all dietary supplements must first be reported to the responsible authorities when they are placed on the market in Germany.

Manufacturers who want to place a food supplement on the market in Germany must notify the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) before placing the product on the market, in accordance with the statutory provisions. This means that without the prior registration of the product with this state authority, the product may not be sold in Germany. This control mechanism ensures that the state monitoring authorities responsible for the controls know exactly which products are in circulation in Germany, who is responsible for these products and where these products are stored or sold. The product label must be submitted when registering the product. On this basis, the authority can check the accuracy of all information required by law and the permissibility of the ingredients used.

As you can see, the responsible control authorities already have extensive knowledge of these products before the first market entry of dietary supplements and can therefore evaluate them. Information on the newly registered products will be communicated to the responsible regional control authorities at the headquarters of the responsible company. These authorities then control the companies on site.

All companies in Germany that manufacture, store or sell food supplements are controlled by the responsible regional control authorities. Such operational controls take place without prior notice. All business rooms, objects and equipment, transport vehicles and documentation are checked at regular intervals. Product samples are also taken as part of the checks. After an operational control, a control report is entered into the uniform Bavarian database TIZIAN. As a result, all controls remain traceable at all times.

Previtalica has never been found to have any deficiencies or violations by the control authorities.

Controls by the experts

Before registering with the responsible authorities, all Previtalica products are checked in advance by state-recognized experts. This gives us the certainty that we are registering controlled and safe products with the authorities. The legal provisions in the area of ​​dietary supplements are strict, complex and constantly changing. The experts check the entire documentation and ensure that Previtalica products are marketable and do not contain any substances that are subject to legal restrictions. We only register our products with the authorities after the experts have checked every detail of each product and have issued us with the relevant certificates.

Controls by the official veterinarian

Only safe, natural raw materials of animal origin are used in the production of products in the 'Peptide Bioregulators' category. These come exclusively from healthy young animals, calves and pigs that are not older than 11 months. All of these animals are always carefully examined by the responsible veterinarian before slaughter. Only when the animal is released for human consumption by the official veterinarian is it properly slaughtered and processed.

Controls by laboratory

All raw materials destined for the manufacture of Previtalica products are thoroughly checked by experienced laboratory personnel immediately after their manufacture (extraction) and then sealed and stored professionally. Each time before a certain amount of the substances is handed over to production, this is examined by an independent laboratory and certified with a certificate. Before production, there are always so-called raw material incoming inspections. However, the additives that we use in our products are also controlled in the same way. Nothing is used in production without being thoroughly checked.

Finished products are tested in the factory laboratory immediately after manufacture. In addition, product samples from each batch are examined and certified by an independent laboratory. In addition, all dietary supplements in Germany are subject to controls by state regulators. That is why our finished products are regularly checked by state inspectors in our company. In such controls, product samples are also taken and then examined by independent laboratories. No impairments have been found.

All products manufactured by us are certified in Germany. In addition, many of our products are tested and certified by government agencies in other European countries.

With so many controls, Previtalica products are probably the most controlled products.